Europe Building Materials Market Study by Regions, Application and Growth Trends till 2024
Category: #business  By Rahul Varpe  Date: 2020-01-15
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Europe Building Materials Market Study by Regions, Application and Growth Trends till 2024

The thriving tourism industry in Europe is factor which contributes remarkably to the growth of the Europe building materials market. Estimates show that millions of tourists frequent the continent on a regular basis, making it inevitable to develop hotels, resorts and other commercial buildings that can accommodate the increasing influx of tourists. While southern and Mediterranean regions of Europe rank highly in terms of international arrivals, visitors to central and Eastern European nations are also projected to increase in the upcoming years which will add to the need of increasing tourist accommodations in these countries.

Renovations and remodeling besides the construction of new buildings is expanding rapidly across Europe and regulations are making sure that these new buildings and even older ones are made more energy efficient whether through the use of more sustainable building materials or through the use of updated technologies. As Europe witnesses the rise of newer trends in tourism and construction, the growth graph of the Europe building materials market is anticipated to take on an inclined slope in the years ahead.

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UK is one of the countries that adds most value to the Europe construction industry. Together with Germany and France, UK contributed to approximately 50% of the total valuation of the construction industry in the continent in 2016. In 2017, UK generated over $8 billion revenue with the UK Office of National Statistics having reported that the construction index in the country had been the highest in the past 15 years in 2017. Also, with major upcoming infrastructure projects such as Brent Cross Shopping Center, Aykon London One, Angel Meadows and other, it is projected that the Europe building materials market will accrue significant profits solely on account of UK’s contribution toward the regional business.

The Europe building materials market is expected to emerge as one of the most remunerative verticals of the global construction space, given that the construction industry in the region is fast recovering from the financial crisis. It is also vital to note that the regional construction industry is slowly shifting from a traditional model to one that more suitable for the millennial generation, with consumers opting for   With strong growth projections being made for the overall European construction industry, it is rather predictable that the market will depict a massive upsurge in the years ahead. Indeed, estimates claim that Europe building materials industry size is expected to surpass $125 billion by 2024.

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France and Spain are the two top tourist destinations in Europe among the many that exist, which has prompted the governments in these countries to undertake tourist friendly policies and develop sustainable means for remaining competitive in the tourism industry. Such developments are ultimately positive growth indicators for the Europe building materials market as nearly 1,449 projects are in the construction pipeline as of 2018.

The major manufacturers Europe building materials market are Stora Enso, Ilim Timber, Pfeifer Holz, Sodra Timber, Binderholz + Klenk Holz, SCA Timber and BSW Timber. Stora Enso is the largest softwood lumber producer among them in terms of softwood production and have 19 dedicated sawmills across Europe.

Partial Table of Content of Europe Building Materials Market:

Chapter 1   Methodology & Scope

1.1   Research methodology

1.1.1  Initial data exploration

1.1.2  Statistical model and forecast

1.1.3  Industry insights and validation

1.1.4  Definitions, assumptions & research Methodology

1.2   Data sources

1.2.1  Secondary

1.2.2  Primary

Chapter 2   Executive Summary

2.1   Europe building materials market 3600 synopsis, 2013 - 2024

2.2   Business trends

2.3   Material trends

2.4   Application trends

2.5   Country trends

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Chapter 3   Europe Building Materials market Insights

3.1   Industry segmentation

3.2   Industry landscape, 2013- 2024

3.3   Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1  Supply chain   SCM practices by the Building Material Industry Participants

3.3.2  Raw material suppliers   Lumber   Panel Products   Gypsum

3.3.3  Building material manufacturers or processors   Lumber   Panel Products   Gypsum

3.3.4  Wholesalers

3.3.5  Distributors

3.3.6  Distribution channel analysis   Direct distribution   Online sales channel   Resellers   Wholesale   Retail   DIY Retailers

3.3.7  Distributor Overview   Lumber Distributors   Panel Products Distributors   Key Gypsum Manufacturers & Suppliers in Europe   List of key industry players in European market

3.3.8  Profit margin trends

3.3.9  Vendor matrix

3.4   Technology landscape

3.4.1  Lumber manufacturing process   Felling   Debarking and bucking   Headrig sawing of large logs   Bandsawing of small logs   Resawing   Drying or seasoning   Planing   Grade stamping and banding

3.4.2  Plywood process   Log making   Veneer   Assembly

3.5   Regulatory landscape

3.5.1  Construction Products Regulation (CPR)   Timber/Lumber   Panel Products   Gypsum

3.6   Industry best practices & key buying criteria

3.7   Pricing analysis

3.7.1  Europe

3.8   Innovation & sustainability

3.8.1  Innovation in lumber and wood-based panel materials

3.8.2  Innovations in gypsum building materials

3.8.3  Sustainability

3.9   Industry impact forces

3.9.1  Growth drivers, by country   UK: Growth of the construction sector and expansion of infrastructural renovation projects   Germany: Rising demand for green building material   France: Rising demand for prefabricated residential buildings   Benelux   Belgium: Rising demand for R&M activities   The Netherlands: Favorable incentive schemes supporting the construction industry   Luxemburg: Increasing urbanization   Italy: Progression in wood industry   Russia: Growing awareness towards green building practices   Rest of Europe: Preference for wood-based building products

3.9.2  Industry pitfalls & challenges   Skilled labor shortage in the European construction industry

3.10   Growth potential analysis, 2017

3.11   Global construction industry overview

3.11.1  Rise in construction spending

3.12   Competitive landscape, 2017

3.12.1  Market share analysis  Top player overview (building material)  Lumber  Panel Products  Gypsum

3.12.2  Key identified players from applications perspective  Flooring manufacturers (MDF, HDF, plywood, other engineered based and solid)  Wooden door manufacturers  Wooden interior joinery  Kitchen cabinets manufacturer  Accessories

3.12.3  Key stakeholders

3.12.4  Strategy dashboard

3.13   Porter’s analysis

3.14   PESTLE analysis

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