Indian Doors Market to achieve considerable growth in 2024
Category: #headlines  By Rahul Varpe  Date: 2020-03-17
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Indian Doors Market to achieve considerable growth in 2024

As per the latest research report, the Indian Doors Market is anticipated to depict a CAGR of 9.3% through 2024, having recorded a valuation of 1.2 billion in 2016.

The study titled ‘Indian Doors Market Research Report’ includes a detailed research undertaken by analysts as well as an in-depth analysis of the global market. A detailed, highly extensive study of this market alongside pivotal aspects that may impact the commercialization graph of this industry has been given in the study.

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By 2024, the Indian Doors Market is expected to hit a remuneration of 2.8 billion. An extremely definite evaluation of the global market in terms of qualitative as well as quantitative analysis has been covered in this report. The myriad aspects of this industry, having considered its historical and forecast data have been enlisted in the study. Also, the research report is inclusive of substantial details with regards to an efficient SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, and Porter’s five force model of the market.

The Indian Doors Market report coverage includes numerous aspects like the market size, geographical growth opportunities, important vendors in the market, driving factors and constraints, segmental evaluation, and competitive landscape.

The report intends to enlist myriad updates and data with regards to the market alongside various growth opportunities which may help the global industry expand at an appreciable rate. An in-depth summary of the Indian Doors Market combined with a well-defined set of market definitions as well as outline of the industry have been given in the report.

In the report, the abstract section is inclusive of information on the market dynamics. This section is further categorized into driving factors propelling the market growth, industry hinderances, trends characterizing the market growth, as well as the business opportunities prevalent in the industry.

The Indian Doors Market report also contains information pertaining to the anticipated CAGR of the global business through the forecast period. In addition, many technological developments and innovations that may possibly boost the industry outlook over the anticipated period are also mentioned in the study. Hinged door was valued more than USD 300 million in 2016. Rising demand for see-through structures including gates attached with windows will drive the product demand in commercial building segment. The product is most appropriate for residential applications owing to its lesser space consumption and easy fitting features. Thereby, boost the Indian doors market development.

Sliding door is anticipated to grow more than 10% by 2024 as it delivers benefit of less area occupancy for opening and closing functioning. Based on the application these are offered with advanced air tight and sound proof insulation.

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Top Companies

  1. Magna International,
  2. KONE India,
  3. Fenesta Building Systems,
  4.  DORMA, Century Doors,
  5. D. S. Doors India,
  6. Duroplast Extrusions,
  7.  Beautex, Geeta Aluminum Company,
  8.  Hifab Aluminum Pvt. Ltd,
  9. Kalco Alu-systems Pvt.Ltd,
  10.  Lumani Schuco,
  11. Mahavir Aluminum,
  12. Reynaers Aluminum,
  13. Sapa Building System,
  14. Welltech Systems

Split by product type, the market has been divided into

  1. Hinged,
  2. Bi-fold,
  3. French,
  4. Dutch or stable,
  5. Stacker,
  6. Sliding,
  7. Tilt,
  8. Roller,
  9. Security screen

The report is inclusive of commendable information with respect the production, individual segmental growth rate, valuation, pricing, as well as segmental market share.

Split by application, the market is divided into

  1. Residential,
  2. Commercial [Healthcare, Education, Hospitality]

This study is inclusive of in-depth information with respect to the consumption of the product as well as application segment market share, in tandem with the growth rate likely to be registered by every application segment.

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What are the key highlights of this report?

  1. A systematic pricing analysis has been done on the sources of the product, application, as well as regional categories
  2. A detailed analysis of the vendor matrix, important companies that will help better understand the competitive situation of the global business
  3. Important, insightful data on the regulatory status of the market, as well as the investment scenario – for instance, how many stakeholders have invested in the market and so on
  4. A deep-dive understanding of the various aspects propelling the overall market growth graph, as well as their influence on the worldwide market projections and dynamics
  5. A systematic roadmap depicting the numerous growth opportunities in the worldwide market coupled with the identification of vital factors
  6. An extensive evaluation of the various trends prevailing in the global industry that would help identify the various developments in the market from a global perspective
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